Lletres Asturianes

Lletres Asturianes is the Bulletin of the Academy of the Asturian Language. The journal, which publishes two issues a year, began printing in 1982. The journal is structured as follows:

1. Editorial (non-fixed section), which includes the positioning of the Academy with regard to matters that are deemed of special interest for the future of the Asturian language.

2. Original research papers.

3. Section "Otherwise" (non-fixed section), which includes small articles or notes (unpublished in any case and always related to the theme of the magazine).

4. Book reviews.

5. Notes and announcements, with important information and news concerning the language and the work of the institution as well as a specific section on "Asturian Library".

6. Publication guidelines for authors.

7. Ethical Guidelines.

Lletres Asturianes publishes original research papers in the field of Asturian language and literature, understood in a broad sense and in relation to the Romanesque and Hispanic scope. Similarly, it also welcomes anthropological, pedagogical and socio-educational works focused on improving the knowledge, problems and the normalization of the Asturian language. The contents of the articles are the direct responsibility of their authors. The Academy is not obliged to return the originals that are not published.

Lletres Asturianes publishes two issues a year (march and october) in paper format. It is also published in digital version with open access since volume 105 (2011). All articles submitted to the journal are double-blind peer-reviewed by two evaluators who do not belong to the Editorial Board.

Lletres Asturianes
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